Airbnb by Sean Ryan



DIMENSIONS (Height - 52.50 cm X Width - 52.50 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Other Medium on Paper
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39581-0141-01
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Artist: Sean Ryan


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up." Picasso

Consistent with that ethos, Sean lives and breathes the mantra of his inspirational art teacher Sarah McDonald;

"Paint for yourself, pay not for others and most of all paint without fear for their is no stroke that can be made in error."

The "McCasso" way has been a strong influence to Sean in his artistic journey over the last 10 years. Inherent within him are innate skills matched equally by a strong motivation. He paints, he draws, he's a photographer, and he does it all for the pure pleasure of it, without complexity and without ego. He just enjoys it for "what it is" and what it makes him feel when he creates it, always grounded by the genuine and non imposing hope that you will feel the same when you view it.

Having first exhibited his Social Media Series at the Hughes Gallery in 2013, embraced SALA with vigor in 2014 and 2015 and Dog Ridge Winery in 2016, which saw Sean release his Google Earth Series, and acrylic abstract series viewing the world from the sky – downwards.

His current passion continues is exploration of social media and disruptive technology. At present he is embracing art within the digital medium and exploring creativity with the iPad.

Inspired by the recognised disruptors of today (Uber, Airbnb and Netflix just to name a few) the pop-up boutiques and the small wine bars in once abandoned streets, Sean has taken the batton from the world-renowned British artist David Hockney, and he is not only off and running, but sprinting the digital art track.

His present series are born from the inner child. They're a combination of excitement, yet apprehension, exploration, structure but at times randomness. They have been created with utmost humility.

Reflecting on his current motivation, Sean remarked....." painting on my iPad has accelerated my growth as an artist. I no longer fear making changes or destroying an image. Of course the undo button has assisted somewhat. It's permitted me to paint with that in eight freedom that I was promised would arrive and that Picasso said we possess whilst young. All I can say is that it seriously intoxicating. So like a committed alcoholic a plan to drown myself in art for years to come."

So take the challenge, view his art with an open mind. Allow yourself to be seduced by the colours, the texture and the composition. Expect nothing of the art other than its pure enjoyment. Ask not "what is it supposed to be?.....but rather ask "What do I feel when I view it? You may well surprise yourself. After all art is what you make of it!

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